Sunday, September 27, 2009

What in the Hell Are We Doing?

I am so sick of being the same as I was yesterday. I am sick of my Christian brothers and my Christian sisters being the same as yesterday. I am sick of apathy and complacency. Apathy is a cancer eating away at Christianity. Complacency strangling any progress that could be made for His kingdom. I am sick of fear and pride. Fear paralyzes us in moments that God calls us to move boldly. Pride blinds us to everything that God can do for us. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.
We have failed, we have missed, and we continue to miss it, daily. It would be a modest guess to say that over seventy-five percent of us who claim discipleship to Christ miss it. If you are reading this, you have probably missed it. I am not trying to be critical, and if you disagree with me then stop reading now; this is an examination of what we could be doing but are not doing. this is a journey into our journeys we are taking with Christ. So if you are denying yourself and taking up your cross an a yearly, monthly, daily, hourly, or on a second by second basis, then by all means stop reading, call me and tell me I am wrong.
We listen to worship songs and we sing out to our God. We go to church conferences and we learn about God and His workings in us. We go to our church services and get encouragement and conviction. We do our devotions, and Bible studies and fill our heads with knowledge. We do our duty and volunteer in this ministry or that. We have small groups to discuss our love for our God and our own personal theologies. All of things are good but can only do so much. These things are accompaniments to our walk but they are not what make up our walk with I Am.
So now I pose a very important question...What in the Hell are we doing? We proclaim our love from our seats at church. We shout and holler for revival from beaches at church camp. We declare our passions fervently at church conferences. We declare our claim to Christ on bumper stickers, and t-shirts. Does it make a difference? How many lives have been saved because of my WWJD bracelet, how many souls have been spared because of my clever bumper sticker? It makes me sick to think that this actually passes for evangelism to many of us.

Revelation 3:16
"So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth."
I have been lukewarm, at best in the entirety of my life. I pray this ends this late night or early morning, whichever it is now. I want people to look at me and call me "holier than thou". As a follower of Christ, should I not be holier than a sinner who does not know Him. And yet in this knowledge, I am afraid to live like I am a redeemed and holy saint. I want to be hot, no, on fire, truly on fire for God. I don't want to talk about love. I don't want to talk about God. And I don't want to talk about loving God. I want to do it. I want my actions to speak so loudly that I no longer need words to express my love for I Am. I want people to see me and see something different. I want to feel my spirit burn in the face of sin. I want my passion for righteousness, and my desire for my God to drive me to lovingly correct sin when I see it. I want to lose my job because I talk to a coworker in need of the Savior who has transformed my life. I want to lose friends because I am a "goody two shoes". I want to be excommunicated form a church because I am dangerous to their reputations. I want to tarnish and destroy my reputation in service to my Christ who had no concern for His reputation. I want to learn how to worship with nothing more than a song in my heart and my Word in my hand. I want to pray as naturally as I breathe. I want to be silent and only speak when He speaks through me. I want to love my God. I want my generation and past generations to wake up to here and now and move. I want complacency, apathy, laziness, fear, pride, and hurt to stop being excuses and start being just a time of tribulation in our testimonies of His glorious redemption of us. It is my prayer that this something that you want.
Start living like a saint, and stop living like a sinner who is still broken. Your sins are gone, forgiven by our savior. Start doing and quit talking. Move in faith, and quit being frozen in fear. Be the disciple that Christ calls you to be. Be radical. God; that is our first commandment. In doing this, our love will spill over to other people. What difference are we making to the people in the here and now. So I ask again, What in the Hell are we doing? Are we making the population of Hell sparce or are we just letting them run head first into the lake of fire?...